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The lakes of Åsunden, Järnlunden, Ämmern and Drögen are located in the KONTAKTA ossmunicipality of Kinda, Sweden. There is abundant wildlife and nature is varied. The forest has an abundance of wildlife and opportunities to gather mushrooms, berries and more. Perhaps you will see some eagles, moose, deer, foxes, etc. There are bike paths, deep forests and great lakes, with great fish to discover. A journey of many souls in other words.


By allowing us at Rimpact AB to help you arrange your fishing adventure you will be supporting "Catch and release" principle, protecting the environment by using our four-stroke engines and get professional help with depth maps, sonar, high-quality boats, lakeside accommodations and full personal service for your visit. And if you lose some tackle or other equipment, we can provide with some new ones from our shop.


Some facts about Lakes Åsunden, Järnlunden & Ämmern

  The northern region of LakeÅsunden is a fantastic place for spring jerking and shallow jigging. Pike stay in numerous bays hidden in underwater meadows, around islands and big rocks. It is also a very attractive lake for fans of trolling, who can find extensive depths of over 30 and even 50 meters in the southern part. Jigging with smaller lures, it's possible to catch beautiful perch and sometimes pike-perch.  Lake Åsunden is connected by a channel  to another very attractive fishing destination –

Lake Järnlunden is an very interesting lake. Deep, hard slopes around islands in the middle of the lake can give the patient angler good results with pikeperch and perch fishing. Plants in the bays are home for many pikes, waiting for  big rubber lures. Extensive depths can give good troll fishing for pike and pikeperch.

Lake Ämmern. Piotr fish

This long lake is no deeper than 10 meters so it's perfect for classic spinning, however trolling fans have also many possibilities. It has many bays full of reeds, nice slopes, islands and big rocks. Lake Ämmern offers the same species of fish as Åsunden. Some slopes and flat areas with hard bottom  with 5-6 m water  in Ämmern are good for pikeperch, so it is a good idea to try a “fast –fall” jigging method. Rimpact can share our well tested hotspots with You !

Recommended fishing methods

For pike-spinning on the slopes we recommend 15-25 cm rubberfish on 10-40g jigs, depending on depth. In the springtime in shallow waters up to 4m, jerking with imitation small pike (20-30 cm) or 10-15cm artificial roach or perch can bring incredible results.

A very effective color for the lure, especially in the springtime, is orange. A good technique is to try to tempt pikes hidden in reeds with spoons. Another story is trolling - very efficient in late spring and autumn, where we recommend mostly 20-30 cm wobblers and the same size of rubberfish. Good trolling depths are mostly between 3-10 meters. All three lakes we recommend all fishing  season long. In the spring, just after spawning  fish explore mainly shallow water, so the angler should focus on numerous , reedy bays.

Later spring they are to be found both still in shallows and on slopes. In the summer a good idea is trolling  , even at night. Big pikeperch can be guests on our rods. Autumn is the best time for jigging and trolling.  the main advantage of these three lakes fishing system is diversity . On our  lakes You will always find good fishing and will never get bored!

More about our lakes!

Lake Åsunden, Lake Järnlunden and Ämmern
Lake Åsunden divided into the south and noth part , where the noth part is much shallower and the south part has much deeper water. Åsunden is connected with a channel with Lake Ämmern where slopes , rocks , islands , reeds and underwater meadows are home for plenty strong predators . Through Kinda Channel you can reach lake Järnlunden, Lilla and Stora Rängen. These lakes offer good opportunity to catch pike, pike- perch and perch.

Lake Drögen
Mysterious Lake Drögen with its numerous bays , rocky slopes , islands and one extensive depth over 30 meters , where huge pikes and perches wait for patient angler.

Lake Storsjön

A Mekka for pikeperch anglers. Experienced angler can catch daily even 50 fish , including big perch and pike!

Lake Juttern

In lake Juttern you can catch the pike- perch of your life. Almost every year you find reports of pike- perches caught there with a weight close to 10 kg.

Article in a Polish magazine after visit at Rimpact

Rimpact - Wędkarski świat (PDF - 3.2MB)

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